Darn Colds


There were clearly delays over the past week. We ended up fighting a cold at the barn, which lead to only accomplishing the priorities, like feeding, watering and cleaning. Life goes on when we feel crummy, but it doesn't mean that we hit on all cylinders.

With the excuses laid out, we are finally getting back into a fully functional routine. We are in the last few weeks before foaling season hits us full speed. All but one of our mares are due between March 30th and May 2nd. That is a mixed blessing. Foaling season inevitably means little sleep, as we use the old school method of checking the cameras on a regular basis. Unless we become much larger, all of the alert systems are simply too expensive to justify. In 2020, we had thirty foals born over a five month time period. That was rough, as the lack of sleep kept going on and on. This year, we're cramming almost twenty foals into about 5 weeks. We expect that it will be an improvement, as far as the sleep schedule. It also means that we will be pretty busy in April.

In the meantime, we are working on grants, welcoming new retirement horses, working with the yearlings, and palpating the recipient mares, so we know where they are at when people need them. Luckily, there has been a break in the snow and the frigid temperatures. We're still cold, but at least we can get things done without plowing paths everywhere.

Spring is clearly in the air with shedding horses, cycling mares, and foals almost here.

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