Farewell, Marla


Because we have a large number of horses, many of them older or with soundness issues, we inevitably lose some. Many we have had for years when we lose them, while others are with us a short while. We take the precautions to make sure that we take the best care possible, but we can't prevent everything. Horses will be horses, even on the safest vinyl fencing and manicured paddocks, stalls or pastures. We've had fewer issues on the rugged terrain and open fields of our 2400, but accidents still happen.

This time, Marla, JC Warning Track, punctured her hock somehow. We'll never know how. The entrance was maybe a quarter of an inch at best. Unfortunately, it went deep into her joint. Those sorts of injuries don't have a good outcome. The options were to let her go or to do daily flushes under general anesthesia with a guarded prognosis for pasture soundness. We chose to let her go.

It is an unfortunate part of what we do. Many of the horses living with us are here to live their life until it is their time to go. Marla wasn't with us very long, but this was her time. We gave her a humane end, which will be our final act for many of the herd.

In the time that we had her, she gained weight, napped, and lived as a horse with her friends and turnout. She was a sweet mare who appreciated the attention when she asked for it, even if she often preferred to do her own thing. Not all of them want all of the attention, which is just fine.

Rest easy, Marla.

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